Monday, May 20, 2013

So this week has been a growing experience to say the least. But I am so grateful for the opportunity to grow.

It started out really good. Monday was P-day, so of course it was awesome. I got to play soccer with all the Latinos in my zone. It was so much fun. Then we had a few lessons that night that went really well. 

Tuesday things started to get a little rough with our investigator Claudia. She has just been having a really hard time lately in her work and in her home life. We taught her the law of tithing on Tuesday and it really stressed her out. I feel so helpless sitting in those lessons because I don’t know how to say what I want to say. She kind of just shut down. It did not go well. 

Wednesday was so awesome though. It was my first zone conference. The president and his wife came down to talk to us basically all day. It was one of the most spiritual days of my life and you just get so pumped up to go do missionary work. I seriously felt like running out of that meeting and talking to every person I could see. It was so awesome. We had all of these activities and games. One of which was the stick pull!! Aaahhhh. So much fun. We set up a bracket with all the elders there. It came down to the final two. Elder Staffieri and Elder Davis and.....I lost!! aaaahh my zone was so bummed because it was the zone of Salto (me) vs the zone of Artigas (Elder Davis). But it was still fun. Oh well. Still an amazing day. 

The rest of our week went kind of rough. A lot of our investigators aren’t progressing and Claudia hasn’t responded to any of our calls or texts. We have been struggling this week. We went from having a ton of people progressing, to having only a few. We took a ton of time this week evaluating our work. Where can we improve? What have we done wrong? What needs to be done better? How do we approach our lessons? How can we teach with the spirit? These are all the questions that need to be asked and need to be answered if we are to be successful. 

But on the bright side! We have two baptisms this week! Soledad and Gonzalo. They are 9 year old twins and their whole family is getting baptized. Their parents just need to be married so we are working on that. I am so excited! Their older brother Luis is going to do it. He was just baptized like a few weeks ago. So its going to be an awesome experience for the family. 

Yesterday was my companion’s birthday. He turned 21. The ward loves him so we ate soooooo well yesterday. We had a huge lunch and then went out to work. We heard about this colony in our area so we wanted to go find it. It was quite the experience. We were walking down this dirt road for about an hour with nothing but campo everywhere. Then out of nowhere there is just this group of 25 houses. I felt like I was having a village experience. ha-ha. But it was so cool. There were some members there and everything. We are hoping to get enough members out there to start a branch. That would be so awesome. Then we walked an hour back in the dark. ha-ha. Kind of sketchy, but good. We went to an appointment we had with a member and we walked in and it was a surprise party for my comp ha-ha. It was awesome. 

The members here are awesome. Salto is awesome. The mission is awesome!! This week has been a tough one but it has been a good one. We are focused on finding a lot more this week and we have reactivated about 4 families now. That makes me happier than anything. Seeing a family come back to church and seeing the light in their lives again. I love this work. There is no better work. 

I know this church is true. I know that we can be with our families forever. I love this message and look forward to sharing it with everyone I talk to. 

I miss you all and love you so much!! Hope to hear from you soon!

Elder Staffieri

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