Sunday, September 8, 2013

So this week in Uruguay was really good. Kind of crazy but really good! I never really understood what was in the job description of the mission secretaries but it’s a lot ha-ha. We are just working working working and there never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything done but we always have everything done at the end of the week that we needed to get done.

So first, my companion is Elder Bedke. He is a STUD!!! We hung out with the same people up at BYU so that has been kind of cool talking to him about it. We have a ton in common and we are working really well together and have a blast every day. He is helping me out a ton with what we are doing in the offices and we work crazy hard when we get out in the streets. We teach really well together and we feel the Spirit super strong in our lessons. It’s just an all around good time with him.  I LOVE MY COMPANION!! HE IS A STUD!! We also live with the other office elders in an apartment a few blocks from our office. They are Elder Gudmonson and Elder Running. They are awesome and we never have any dull moments in our apartment.

So on a daily basis what I do is put in baptismal records, look up and send our references, answer phones and talk to missionaries and get them what they need, do all things mail, drive around and run errands with the other office elders, send emails to parents, incoming missionaries, update church websites, and other things. We have more stuff we do weekly and monthly as well. We had concilio this past week so I had to compile all of the numbers from the mission and make graphs for President, the APs and the other zone leaders that came down to Montevideo to get trained. We go and buy bus tickets for everyone when they have to come down. Basically, whatever needs to be done, we do it ha-ha. But it’s good. We always have something to do and our area is awesome!

We love our area. We are in the zone of Oeste and our area is Capurro (barrio 5). It’s an awesome area with some really good people. Working in Montevideo is different than other parts of Uruguay but the work is good! I can’t wait to get out at 5 and go teach!! La obra va bien!! I love teaching so much. We have some really solid investigators too. For example, right now it is pouring rain and thunder and lightening out side and we just had 3 young investigators ride their bikes to church because there was supposed to be an activity. They were all soaking wet but loving life. Even though the event was canceled they just said well we will see you tomorrow in church!! When we came in me and Elder Bedke just smiled and talked about how awesome those kids are. I love being a missionary!!!

The mission has been way too much fun this past week. Lots of adventures. We pulled a bed up four stories outside of our apartment building off the edge of our balcony at 11pm with a garden hose. Yeah, I am not going to put much detail into that one....use your imagination. We had to sprint 5 blocks to our offices at 9 50 one night because a set of missionaries lost their tickets only to get there and have them call us saying that they were already on the bus and not to worry about it. Everyone thinks we are spies for the US so when they ask us we always tell them no...But if we were, we wouldn’t tell them. Ha-ha. It’s just been way to fun this past week but we have been working crazy hard and have been seeing the fruits of our labors. We have had an awesome week. 

My spiritual thought this week comes from 3 Nephi 12:6- 

Y bienaventurados son todos los que padecen ahambre y bsedde crectitud, porque ellos serán llenos del Espíritu Santo.
(And blessed are all they who do ahunger and bthirst aftercrighteousness, for they shall be dfilled with the Holy Ghost.)

I have really learned a lot about this in the mission and I know it to be true. As we constantly try to better ourselves and seek after righteousness, we will have the Spirit to be with us. It doesn’t matter what may happen in our lives, we need to keep focus on what is important. We need to literally hunger and thirst like the scripture says. If we do that, we will have the Spirit to be with us and we will be happier than we could ever be. I think this is why the mission is the best 2 years of your life. You are constantly trying to get closer to the Spirit and you are blessed for doing it. Sorry I am out of time....

I know the church is true. I know that we are blessed when we keep the commandments that God has given us. I know that Joseph Smith was and is a prophet of God. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the true church on the faith of the earth. This I know with all I am!!

I love you all so much.

Let’s try a little harder to be a little better. 

Keep the faith and a smile on your face!!

Until next time, 
Elder Staffieri 

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