Wednesday, March 26, 2014


So this week in Artigas was soo amazing! I love this place so much! The people are so amazing and so loving! We have seen the hand of the Lord in the work this past week!

So to start, we had such an awesome stake conference! President Smith came up to speak to the stake along with the temple president and the stake presidency. They spoke so much about the importance of holding a temple recommend, repentance, and WORKING WITH THE MISSIONARIES!!! WHHOOOPPP WHOOP! It was so amazing. We had awesome attendance even though it was pouring rain. And the coolest part was, after, members were coming up to us offering to go out on visits with us. Actually, one hermana, la hermana muniz, who is in her late 60s, called us yesterday afternoon and said that she wanted to go out with us the whole night. It was raining like I have never seen in Uruguay, and that is saying something, I left my house and we were soaked to the bone within a block but she was so happy to go out with us! We had some great lessons! la obra va excelente!! :) I love the members up here! They are catching fire! 

Adriana is learning so much! She is so awesome! We have started taking members over to her house now too so that she will have friends as she comes to church. She was set to go to conference but her baby fell the night before and hit her head so she spent the whole night in the hospital. We went over to visit them after, and florencia was getting better. So that was a blessing in itself! 

During weekly planning, me and elder Owen had a great talk about all the things that we need to be doing better, one of which is planning. We have become too casual in planning over the past few weeks and our area had been suffering as a result of that. We committed to be better and to make it a priority over all and to change the way we are doing it. We had a great weekly planning after that and just as we finished, we were given a blessing, a reference for a family! It’s amazing how the Lord will begin to bless you immediately as you change to obey his commandments and strive to give your best to Him. 

This reference was of the familia Machado. We had gone a few times over the past week and couldn’t find them but then yesterday night, we finally got in touch with them! They are soo great! They were a reference from the sisters working in another ward. This family they had taught for a about a week or so and they had to move. And they moved right into the heart of our area that had been dead for quite some time! It is a family of 4, Paulo (dad), Claudia (mom) and two daughters, Victoria y Natalie. We had a great lesson about the Plan of Salvation and the spirit was soo strong. It was so strong in fact that they accepted the invitation to be baptized on the 12 of April. It is incredible, these charlas that we have been taught by president and the assistants. The spirit is so strong and we are seeing miracles as we continue to follow their direction! 

Well I am already out of time. Sorry this was a short one but time flies when you write your family and friends! 

Oh! I hit a year this past week too! Crazy how fast time flies! 

I hope that you all have a great week! i love you all so much! Get out of your comfort zone and share your testimony with someone! Go out with your missionaries! And lets
try a little harder to be a little better! 

I love you all so much! La obra va excelente en Artigas! HOY ES EL DÍA!!!

Elder Staffieri 

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