Sunday, November 2, 2014

October 27, 2014


Another amazing week has flown by in the best two years of my life! I cannot get over how blessed I am to have the chance to be serving a mission! There is nothing I would rather be doing and nowhere I would rather be!! 

This week has been so great! On Monday we had the chance to work in our area and then in the afternoon travel to colon to go and work in one of the hermanas areas to help them get set up in their apartment with everything they need and then go out and find more people to teach. We had an awesome night of teaching and had the blessing to get to teach the people of colon! It was a blast!! Then all the missionaries from Argentina came in to PaysandĂș in the middle of the night to pass pday in PaysandĂș for the zone as we had changes the next day! 

CHANGES!!! Whoop whoop! Always an exciting time every 6 weeks. Elder Gonzalez and I have a new companion, Elder Minert!! He is finishing up his mission this change so we want to give him a great experience of going out strong! He is a great missionary with a lot of gospel knowledge as well as experience so we are excited to all learn together! It has been a little interesting trying to make contacts with 3 elders though. I think the people get really intimidated.....ha-ha. But we are going to start doing more divisions with the members to help work our area better and be able to teach more people. Another fun thing is that we get to live in our apartment that is just big enough for two as 3 elders!! Ha-ha. We are getting to know each other on a whole other level. Just like best friends ;)

We continue to find more and more people to teach every week and our investigators are progressing along with the menos activos that we are teaching! This past week we started teaching Maxi (the boyfriend of Janet). He is such a stud!! They have been together for 8 years but still haven’t made the decision to get married. We invited him to come and have a charla with us last week and he loved it! He is reading everyday! He is praying! And he even came to church this past week with Janet! he was participating in the classes and they both went to the ward family night after!! He has accepted the invitation to be baptized and is really excited about it! He understands extremely well and is even helping Janet see the answers to the questions she has! It was soo awesome!! They even signed up to give us lunch this month as well as the other missionaries in the ward! They are so prepared!! And are progressing so well! 

Also this past week we had a miracle! The hermana salas came to church with her kids!! :) We have been working so long with them, well these past 3 weeks we have had here in Argentina, and they have always committed to come every week but never have gotten there and this past week they came!!!!!!!! We were so pumped as we saw them come in as sacrament meeting was starting!! She has been facing some pretty big obstacles in her life that prevent her from the fullness of happiness that the gospel gives but she has started her way back!! We were so happy to see her and her family! She was so happy as she left the chapel after meetings and is excited to come back this next week! She understands the doctrine of Christ!! 

I continue to be blown away about how well our little branch functions!! We had a great activity with all the youth and a lot of members playing basketball and volleyball in a local gym. Everyone invited people to come and play! menos activos and even investigators showed up! 

Right now I am in PaysandĂș again with elder sifuentes. I came in last night to prepare a capacitation that we are going to do tomorrow! It’s been a blast and we are learning a ton together! It was interesting last night because I had to travel alone because there wasn’t anyone who could go with me and I got on a huge 60 person bus and there was literally no one else on there. and I kind of thought to myself, "this is kind of weird, maybe I just showed up early?" and then we started pulling out and I realized  that the entire hour and a half ride to Uruguay I was going to make by myself in this giant bus. It was cool I guess. Got to know the bus driver pretty well haha. The people in customs got a kick out if it as well. 

Well that is it for this week! I have got to go! I love you all so much! Thank you for all your prayers and for everything you do to support me! 

Lets all try a little bit harder to be a little bit better this week! 

UN abrazo grande, 

Elder Staffieri

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