Monday, July 1, 2013

July 01, 2013

First off, congrats to Vance Lund on your baptism! I am so pumped for you! I could not be happier for you as you have made such an amazing decision to be baptized and confirmed. You will be so blessed I am so excited for you. Words cannot express how stoked I am for you! ¡¡¡¡Felicitaciones!!!

So this week has been really good. We have been working hard and finding a lot of really amazing people to teach, including two families!!! Aaaahh I could not be more stoked!! There isn’t really a whole ton that I can pinpoint about what made this week so awesome. It was just overall really, really good. The best feeling in the world is just coming home just spent; knowing that you did all you could do that day to serve the Lord. I love having those days and strive to make everyday one of those days. I have been thinking a lot about time this week as it seems that the mission is flying, FFFFFFLLLLLYYYYYYIIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGG by. It is so bizarre how fast it is going. I wish it could slow down a little bit to be honest because I feel like I have been learning so much but I need to learn so much more so I can be more effective as a missionary. I hate feeling limited in my ability to teach, but I am progressing everyday so that is what counts!! 

So, notable events of the week include splits. We have gone on so many splits this transfer but it has helped me so much learning from other missionaries. I went on splits this week with Elder Laycock. He was the last AP and an awesome missionary. I went to his area in Salto Centro. We worked really hard and I learned how to consecrate my time and just work, work, work till you drop. We were just going going and going until we switched back at the bus. I love it!! I also figured out a good method for marking my scriptures and everything so it was a super effective split and I am so stoked that I got to learn from him. 

We also had stake conference this past week and they changed the stake presidency. The new stake president is from our ward and he is pretty young. He is only 34 years old. He is a really nice guy and I am so stoked to see what direction the stake is going to go. We heard from two area 70s and the spirit was super strong in that meeting. 

Also, we have a new mission president now. President Smith!! He is coming to talk to our area this coming Wednesday. It should be awesome!!

So this week we had an interesting experience. An experience I never thought would ever happen and never happened to my comp either. We had a lesson with the family of Nadia about faith and we watched this movie, finding faith in Christ. It is a super good movie and goes through all the miracles Christ performed in his earthly ministry. So we go through all of these amazing miracles and get to the crucifixion. Her daughter, Abril who is 7, just starts crying hysterically. Like balling. She couldn’t even breathe she was crying so hard. I just looked at my comp and he starts laughing and I was just sat there like "what did we just do" ha-ha. I felt so bad. She was like "why did they have to kill him, he was so nice, he doesn’t deserve that" and all this stuff and just started balling. I have never been so happy to see the resurrection in my life. We stopped the movie and showed her that Christ still lives and all this stuff. She got happier but then started analyzing it a little more. Crisis averted. She was saying that she wanted to pray to the virgin so that the people would all be burned so we have a lot more to teach in that family but hey! We are making progress. I was just happy that we brought a member with us so she could help comfort the girl while the mom was dealing with the baby. All in all a super funny experience. 

So this week I learned a lesson that is incredibly valuable and transformed a great part of my view of the missión, which is receiving revelation and doing things in the Lord’s way. When the prophet Joseph Smith was in Liberty Jail, he felt that the Lord was distant and had forsaken him, but in that moment of anguish he discovered, through revelation, that it was not the Lord that was blocking him out, it was he. During the trying times in this life we feel that the Lord is far and uninterested with us and our lives. However, He is NEVER the one that puts a wall between us, but sometimes we, in our self-motivated and selfish nature, put a wall in front of him. When we cease to TRULY seek the Lord’s will, we thicken the wall that stands between us and Him. The moment that we truly put aside our will, however justified and right it may seem, we begin, brick by brick, to remove the wall that we have created that blocks out divine revelation.  Unfortunately, every brick in that wall is very comfortable for us. We have lived with this wall nearly all our lives and it is simply what we are used to! At times we have fear that if we remove this brick, we are going to see something that we don’t want to see, something we have to change, something we need to do, someone we need to ask forgiveness of, someone we need to forgive. However, the only way to truly punch through the wall and open up a fountain of divine inspiration and revelation is by submitting our will, our knowledge, ideas, and fears, and accepting the Lord’s way. In the prophetic analogy of President Henry B. Eyring, we have to remove the spiritual pavilion that is now covering us. It is a walk of pure faith, but if we will but have the courage to take hold of the Savior’s outstretched hand, He will guide us.

Anyways, that is all for this week. I love you all! thank you for all of your prayers!

Lets all try a little bit harder to be a little bit better!! 

Con cariño,
Elder Staffieri

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