Monday, August 5, 2013

Family and Friends:

First off, congrats to Andy Livingston on his baptism! I am so proud of you bud! I can’t believe that everyone is growing up so fast!! Before we know it you are going to be out on your mission!

So this week has been so awesome! We have been working really hard and have been receiving blessings for our work. We have been finding a lot through part member families and inactive members. We have found some really interesting investigators this past week and the work has been progressing here in Salto. I have never been so busy but so happy in my life!! The work is so awesome!!! 

Spanish is coming along great as I speak it 24/7. But I went to get a haircut this week and i guess my Spanish wasn’t as good as I thought because I walked out with a bowl cut. I guess it got lost in translation? ha-ha. But I only had it for a few days before I had to go get it fixed ha-ha. That was my funny moment for the week. 

Also this week I had splits with Elder Wakely from Utah. it was his 12th day in Uruguay so it was like I had a kid for a day!! It was so awesome. He spoke little Spanish so I had to teach the lessons and plan our day really well so we could be successful. He is such a stud though. He knew more Spanish than me at that point and he has such a strong testimony and isn’t afraid to share it. I am so grateful that my comp is district leader because that means that we get to do splits every week. We get to meet a ton of elders and get different experiences. It’s so awesome!! 

This week we helped a member of the ward move houses. It was so fun. We used this old farm truck to pile all their stuff in and we all hung off the back when we rode to their new house and back a few times. Got to love it here. It is so tranquil and everyone is so laid back about everything. I never thought I would be driving down the road in Uruguay on a truck, so old I never thought would run,  piled full of stuff to the point where there is no room inside the back so we have to hang off the back. YOU HAVE TO LOVE THE MISSION!!! 

So we have been seeing great progress in one of the families that we have been teaching. la familia ribeiro gomez. Jacaline is the mother of Soledad and Gonzalo, our converts from a few months back and we have been working with her trying to get her married to her boyfriend because she wants to join the church too. Anyways, her boyfriend, Julio, works out in campo and is only in town for a few days every month so it has been really difficult. And in the past, every time he would come into town, none of them would ever go to church because he didn’t want to. He has been super closed off to us but guess what happened Sunday. THEY CAME TO CHURCH!! ALL OF THEM!! FOR ALL 3 HOURS!!! it was soooooo awesome!!! Aaaahh i have never been so stoked. It started and none of them were there and about 10 minutes later they all walked in!! This was huge!!! It means that they can actually progress and that they are taking the gospel seriously!! aaaahhhhhhh!!! So awesome!! I love being a missionary!!!!

Also, i got to perform a baptism this past week! Her name is Ana Laura Acosta Zamora. She was an investigator of the sister missionaries in our ward and she asked me to perform the ordinance. So I was super stoked. She is such a nice girl and she has such a strong testimony. The baptism went awesome and we participated in the confirmation the following day.  I am so happy that she is a member of the church and am stoked to continue to see her growth! THE GOSPEL IS SO AWESOME!! 

Anyways that is all the time I have for today. I love you all so much. Life is so awesome!! Wake up every day with a smile on your face because you know it is going to be an amazing day!! Find every reason to smile! 

Lets all try a little bit harder to be a little bit better this week!!


Con cariño, 
Elder Staffieri

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