Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Hey everybody,

So this last week flew by.  Went by super fast.  But it’s been a good week.  Full of hard work, hard laughs, and hard sleeping.

So this week we sent an alfajor to the states to a lady who works in the travel office that helped us change flights like 3 times for the same group of missionaries. In total, cost 440 pesos but it was worth it. We took a picture and wrote her a note thanking her ha-ha. 

Also, we had some good lessons. 

So Gustavo is doing super awesome.  He asked for work off this Saturday so that he can sleep (he works the night shift) so that he and his daughter Estefani can go to church.  We went with a sister from the ward this week to help Estefani feel more comfortable.  She’s a little shy, but I hope that this Sunday when they come to church they can feel something special and make the decision to keep on coming every week.

We had zone conference this week and it was AWESOME!!!!  We did it together with the two other zones that are here in Montevideo, so it was oeste, cerro and flores.  We learned about giving commitments to people and how we can use the new methods of teaching to help our investigators progress towards baptism.  i got to see Elder Fletcher who was in the CCM with me. I love zone conferences because you see all your friends from the mission and you come out on such a spiritual high. 

Had an awesome lesson with a young man in our ward that has recently gone inactive.  All of his siblings are inactive as well and his parents are not members.  But he is the oldest of all of his brothers and sisters.  He’s about 16.  Super cool kid.  Always ready to make a joke.  But he also knows how to play the guitar super well.  We had a lesson about related to making music and reaching our full potential as children of God. It was a pretty sweet lesson

I hope everything is going awesome for all of you. President Smith taught us that we need to laugh and smile while we work.  Me and my companion looked at each other when he said that and gave each other a fist bump.  I’m glad we got that one down. Ha-ha. 

We are seeing miracles out here in the field and we know that today is the day! The other day we had to go to customs for a three hour experience to try to free a package that contains two cookies, chap-stick, and a thing of mini tums. But in one of the 8 places we went to get his package, we met Alexander. He was one of the customer service people we talked to and he asked us what we do all day and why we are here and all the usual. He then told us that two missionaries had come by his grandma’s house and now she is a member of the church. After, he goes "hey, can you guys come by my house too?" We gladly agreed and took down all of his information. He doesn’t live in our area but we passed it on to the missionaries that work in his area. HOY ES EL DÍA!!!

That’s all the time i have for this week but I want you all to know how much I love you all. You are all in my prayers. Thank you for all you do for me. 

Try a little harder to be a little better!

Go and help the missionaries that are serving in your ward or stake! Catch the wave!!!

Con cariño, 
Elder Staffieri

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