Wednesday, April 16, 2014

This week has been so awesome. It’s been a little crazy but it makes it that much more fun. We have been working in 3 since elder Owen left to go to Montevideo. My comp still hasn’t gotten here yet so we have been working both areas. Thank goodness that we have bikes. We have been going back and forth the entire week depending on the lessons that we set up. Its been a blast! Its also been a great learning experience for everyone. I have been learning a ton from elder Espinoza about asking for references. That is something he really excels in. and we got a ton of references this past week. And the majority of them were in my area, así que, we are going to have a ton of work to do this week!

We have been trying to get better on our exercises too. Just do more cardio.  Every morning, we leave to go running or play soccer. We have been having a blast so far. We usually play with all the elders in my house, and the elders in the zone leader’s house and then Finnegan and pulsipher. Its an awesome way to start the day. 

This week we had a ward activity. We were sitting in planning last week and decided that we needed to start doing them more frequently. We threw one together really quick. We talked to a few members, got some speakers, got some music, a TV, a computer, and had a blast! After karaoke we started playing other games. Towards the end, the bishop showed up (he lives 2 hours away in campaña), and everyone got so pumped! The bishop was so grateful for the activity and is committed to doing more with us. Also as a result of the activity, member’s menos activos came to church. One is preparing to go to the temple now. Blessings! The mission is so awesome! We were so stoked how the members responded. Now everyone is so excited to invite everyone to other activities and even to the Sunday meetings. 

Funny story of the week. So the bikes we have are kind of...not the best. So we took them over to a shop to get them looked at. They fixed up the brakes as none of them had any. so we were riding down the street after lunch one day and elder Espinoza was talking to me and he goes "he watch this!" he was going to try to do a slide using the back break but he forgot what one it was and he jams on the front break and flips over the handle bars and takes the bike with him doing a front flip type deal and sprawls on the asphalt. The funniest part was seeing how his face changed from like "man this is going to be so awesome" to complete horror. hahahaha. Its only funny because he didn’t get hurt. All the people in the street got a good laugh at it too. We all picked him up and went on our way busting up laughing, all 3 of us. 

Last night I got to go on divisions with hermano Duarte, from the high council. After ward council he offered to go out with and teach with me so we went out for a few hours and had a great time teaching together. He was a missionary here about 23 years ago. He is a stud and still has the missionary spirit. 

Sorry but this is all the time I have for this week! I love you all so much! Have a great week and take some time to go out on visits with the missionaries in your ward and stake! Share a testimony with a neighbor.

Let’s try a little bit harder to be a little bit better this week! 

Con cariño, 
Elder Staffieri

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