Saturday, May 3, 2014

AAHH this week was so awesome!! I love Artigas! I love the mission! It is honestly the best 2 years! 

I will start off with some funny stuff that started this past week. On Tuesday, after district meeting, I went out on divisions with Elder Bulloch, one of our zone leaders. He came to my area and we had a great day, I learned so much from him, like how to ask better inspired questions and being more direct with the people we teach. He is such a stud. We talked a lot about the way we teach and everything. We even taught a lesson sharing the same chair to invite more people into the lesson, and it worked! They filled up all the empty seats. If you prepare the setting, they will come. It was great. and we had a great planning when we got home and we stayed up talking for a while, and then right in the middle of the night, we heard our companions phone go off. We thought to ourselves, "what the heck? who is he texting right how?" so we got up to go check, and right as we walk into his room, elder Espinoza gets up, flips on the light, and gets on his knees and starts praying. We were super confused for a minute and then realized that he thought the text tone was the alarm and that it was morning, and started cracking up. We asked him if he was ready to get working out after he finished his prayer and went into our front room and started setting up p90x. He got dressed, came out, looked at his watch, and looks at us, back at his watch, back at us and just turns off all the lights and goes back to bed. ha-ha. We started busting up laughing. The little things make life so much better haha. He was a good sport about it though. 

Another thing that happened was elder Vargas and I were teaching a lesson this past week with a menos activo family, the familia rodriguez. we were teaching Brian, and the lesson was going great, the spirit was strong, we were teaching super well, he was into it and then his little sister comes out and goes "hey, i can finish here, you can go get started on your homework" and he gets up and goes inside and she sits down in his place. Elder Vargas and i looked at each other and then back at his sister and just started laughing so hard. It was funny how she thought we were there for us. We obviously have to start changing things up with this family so we can change that belief they have. It’s a work in progress I guess. But we started a new lesson and taught her. 

Oh and I met someone up here this past week during a contact and he said that he had a buddy that moved to the states to a town called Temecula. And then I told him that that is where I was from and then he asks me if I knew a man, member of the church, named Juan Sanders. And I couldn’t remember if I did or not but it sounds pretty familiar. So if you guys know a man named Juan sanders, your friends in artigas mandan saludos. Small world... 

So this week we had an awesome actividad in the stake center. It was a type of open house tour of the stake center with all of the organizations talking about their function. It was super awesome. We had a few investigators who came. One of which is named Jose. Jose is the spouse of a menos activo, Mariana. They came with their two baby boys. One is 18 months and the other is 6 months.  They walked over 20 blocks to get to the stake center in the cold with their two sons in different strollers. They were one of the first people at the activity. Even though their older son was running around crazy, they both really enjoyed it. Jose said that he felt really good in the church and even gave us references to go and visit his mom and others. Mariana also loved the activity and was talking all the books and folletos that she could. I think that it really helped them understand what it is to be a member of the church and how the gospel blesses the family. They were really excited as they left. Also, later in the night, we had a giant blessing. Hugo came to the activity as well. Hugo is the spouse of the family Vasquez. His entire family moved to Montevideo to find more work and it left him in Artigas alone. And he has been a whole lot more receptive to the gospel now. He has been reading, praying, and on Saturday night, it was the first time that he stepped into a church. He felt the spirit super strong and had a lot of questions at the end. He missed church on Sunday and was really bummed about it.

But the activity was really great. At the end, when we were all cleaning up, the zone sang happy birthday to me. It was pretty awesome. I can’t believe that I am 20 already. Time is flying. But then at the end of the night, we all took a picture doing the "elder Staffieri pose" ha-ha. I will send it next week. It’s pretty hilarious. But my birthday was awesome. We saw some miracles and got out to work. It was an awesome day. 

Also on Saturday, one of our investigators, Alex, asked us what he had to do to get baptized. It was one of the few times anyone has ever asked me that ha-ha. We were so shocked. We were riding our bikes down the route and he was cutting lawns and he stopped us and that was the first thing he asked us. He is such a stud! His only problems is he has a hard time getting to church. He plays soccer and all of his games are on Sunday. But we pray that the season will come to an end soon and he will look into other teams. But we are working with him.

And there goes all my time to write. I love you all so much! I hope that you all have a great week! Sorry that this is getting wrapped up so fast but we have got to run! 

I love you all! 

Let’s all try a little harder to be a little bit better! 

Con cariño, 
Elder Staffieri      

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