Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hey guys! I am finally leaving!!!!  I fly out of San Diego tomorrow morning and will arrive in Buenos Aires, Argentina Thursday morning to receive training for six weeks before proceeding on to Uruguay. It's so unreal to think its actually happening. I am so stoked to go out and serve for the next two years! I love this gospel! It's the best thing in my life. I have been so blessed with this opportunity to go out and serve the people of Uruguay for the next two years. I am excited to share this gospel and the happiness it brings through the atonement of Christ. I cannot wait to testify about eternal families, living prophets, the power of the priesthood, the Book of Mormon, and all that the gospel has to offer!

I will miss you all! But I will write as often as I can. I will keep you updated. Write me as much as you can. My addresses will be posted on here every time they change. You can write me for the next few weeks at:

Elder Daniel Staffieri
Uruguay Montevideo West Mission
Argentina Missionary Training Center
Autopista Ricchieri y Puente 13
1778 Ciudad Evita
Buenos Aires

I love you all! See you soon!
Elder Staffieri

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