Thursday, March 28, 2013

The CCM is great! Spanish is coming along really well. We teach people every day in our IP and we just committed one of our IPs to baptism. It was so cool even though they aren't real. But they are pretty hard on us in there so I guess we did good. But anyways, this week we get to go proselyting in Buenos Aires. It should be so fun. The elders that went out last week actually started teaching a family, and some got robbed, but my comp has been boxing for the past 5 years, and i am pretty big, so we will be fine.  Just kidding, we would go to jail. But today we get to go to the temple again. We went last week and it was absolutely beautiful. The spirit is so strong there. I cant wait to go back today. We had the most incredible thunderstorm this week, it was the most beautiful thing i have ever seen.

Spanish is coming along really good, we just got a new group of latinos today because the other group left Tuesday. They are a lot quieter than the other group, but hopefully they will open up, and no, I havent gotten out to get that meat! I want to go get some soooo bad.  I am going to respond to all of you the best i can with the time I have. I love you all. you are in my prayers. I am doing my best out here. 4 weeks left till the field!!! I have no more time, sorry it was so short. Tell everyone i love them and that the church is true.!!

Elder Staffieri

Pictures Below!

                                 Dan & Elder Finnegan in front of the Buenos Aires Temple

                                                             His CCM Group
                                           Spacious living accommodations at the CCM

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