Thursday, January 2, 2014

First off, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I know it’s a little late but I still want to wish it to everyone. And secondly, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! This year has ffflllooowwwwnnnn by. But it has been so awesome! I feel like I use that word a lot but it’s honestly how I feel. This past year truly has been AWESOME!!!

Anyways. So this week has been great. I can’t remember what we did on Monday. I forgot my planner at home but I am pretty sure I was doing change stuff all day because we got the changes here in the offices on Sunday night so there went sleeping jaja. Monday we also sent out the Christmas bolsa run, seems like they just get bigger and bigger. Monday night I bought all the tickets for changes. As soon as they saw me walk up to the counter, they sent over another person to get it done faster. I sat there with two people on two computers blowing through buying the tickets we needed. I think it was a record time for ticket buying really. 117 tickets in about an hour in a half. vamos aribba Agencia Central and Turil!! 

Tuesday was Christmas Eve. We all went out to work as normal until 7 when we all met up to go Christmas caroling in our area. We spent an hour and a half in one area and and a half in the other. It was really good. We got some members to go with us and had a lot of fun in the financer’s area. Then it was our turn. We went over to our area at about 845 and started walking around caroling. At first people didn’t want to really listen but as time went on a few more doors started opening up. The cool thing happened when we saw a house and felt like we should go knock it and sing. we knocked it, no one answered, then we rang the doorbell and this guy about 25 years old opens up his garage and goes, "what’s up?" we explained to him that we were singing to celebrate christmas and everything and he goes "well sing then" and we started singing and as we finished we heard all these people clapping from behind the door. His dad come out and asked us if we want a drink and we all agreed happily because it was still about 85 outside at 9 at night. We walked back and they were having a family bbq. They all pulled us up chairs and started talking to us. They even fed us some of their asado! We had a good talk with them about why we were here in Uruguay, how long were here for, etc and then we pulled out "the living Christ" and explained that we were here sharing a message about Christ and that He lives! We all bore our testimonies of Him and invited them to listen to more. We are going back this week! Another cool thing that happened was that they are good friends with Daniel Nicora (probably spelled it wrong) who is in my ward back home! Small world huh? we ended the night heading back to the house and having dinner with a whole bunch of missionaries and the Binghams. We all went up on the roof at midnight to go and watch the fireworks! It was incredible. I have never seen anything like it. The entire sky was light up with fireworks. I think every single person in Montevideo must have spent a good amount of money on fireworks. For a good 20 minutes the entire sky was filled, 360 degrees around. Incredible. I cant wait till new years!

Wednesday was Christmas!!! WWWHHHOOOOHHHOOOOOOO!! We woke up at 6 in the morning, went to go open packages at the offices that we received earlier, then came home and did service for about an hour and a half. After that we went to watch a movie! fun fact! The miniones in despicable me speak spanish when you watch it in english! Who knew right? Then after that we went to lunch at the family Priggioni's house. We had a massive asado! it was soo good. Then after we came back, went out to work for a little bit, and then we got to come back and call home! Best time of the year: Christmas and Mothers Day! It was so great talking to family and seeing them all again. It really makes you realize how fast time is flying by though. I only have 2 more calls left in the mission. I feel like I just started last week. Crazy!

Thursday, all the missionaries that were going home came down to Montevideo and we had to take all their stuff to the mission home, but the back window of our car got blown out. jaja funny story but for another time. So we had to be really careful packing stuff in so nothing would fly out. Then it was work as normal for the rest of the day with a late night again. We had to drive over to the mission home at 1230 at night to take stuff and didn’t get to bed till 2. 

Friday, we worked all day and then went to take all the missionaries to the airport to get them home! Well they were supposed to at least. we were all speeding to the airport trying to get them there all on time only to get there and they say "they flight was delayed until tomorrow morning at 5" so we had a fun time on the phone with salt lake and parents until about 1230 letting parents know that they would be getting in later. It was pretty fun though getting to hang out with all the elders I knew for a little longer. 

Today was great. We woke up and went to go play soccer against the other mission and after played some basketball too. 

My spiritual thought this week comes from a Mormon message that I will paste in here about the new year: 

Lets all try a little bit harder to be a little bit better this year! 

I love you all so much! Have a great week and we will see you next year!!! :)

Elder Staffieri

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