Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sorry this one is going to be short, we got into the offices late and we have people to teach so bear with me. LA OBRA VA BIEN EN URUGUAY!!!

This week was so awesome!!! It was a week full of thunderstorms which meant a week full of service. We had a few members whose houses flooded so we went and helped them clean it up. In one sister´s house, her sewage got clogged. that one was fun jaja. we took a good long shower after that one. 
We finally picked up the mission calendar for the year of 2014. It was quite the process in getting it done but we finally did and all the work paid off. We went and delivered some yesterday to an area where president was doing interviews. When we were there the assistants told us that we needed to go find lunch for everyone so off we went. we needed to feed 32 people in about 45 minutes. we went to the store, got 16 pre-made sandwiches and then 16 loaves of bread (kinda like french bread), ham, cheese, and mayonnaise. sped over to the church only to find that there were no knives to prepare the sandwiches. being eagle scouts, we found a pair of scissors and went to work. it all turned out pretty good. we got the whole zone food under the hour and it didn't taste half bad. 

We had concilio this past week so i got to go on divisions with elder Castillo!! whoop whoop. we had a blast together as we went out to teach. we taught some great lessons together and i learned a lot from him. He is from my group, meaning i came to the mission with him, he was in the ccm with me, and it was just a blast. Such a great missionary and an awesome example for all those who are around him. 

We received some great references this week from members. We went to go find one yesterday and they are awesome. It is of a man named Fernando and his wife and child. They had talked to the missionaries before but with changes and everything, had gotten lost. They were excited to see us walk up to their apartment and eagerly accepted a visit. They are a great family that really wants to see the difference the gospel makes in their life because they have seen the difference in the lives of their friends. 

A recent convert, Yoshua, has been inviting friends to lessons at his house. He has really caught the missionary spirit and is so happy to share what he has with everyone. His fiend Florencia saw us coming over to his house and then followed us in asking if she could listen again. We are going to go teach them again tonight at 8. WE cant wait! They are such great youth.

Yesterday we had an amazing experience as a result of a prayer. It is amazing how the Spirit will guide you if you are willing to listen. We got to the house we needed to be at when we needed to be there. I don't have time to explain it all. 

We have found some good people this past week and i am sorry i cant tell you more about them. Next week i promise i will. We have got to go. We have a lesson here quick. I will try to load up some pictures before i get off. 

I love you all so much! thank you for all you do to support me out here on the mission. Time is ffllyyiing by.

Lets all try a little bit harder to be a little bit better! 

con cariƱo, 
Elder Staffieri


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