Wednesday, January 22, 2014

So this week was really good!

Elder Woods gave a talk in sacrament meeting on the Book of Mormon. It was a great talk on why it is important to have a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon as the key to our conversion. Everyone there learned a lot and the bishop was thrilled. He said it was exactly what the ward needed to hear. 

Then we taught the Sunday school class on the Law of Chastity. It was actually a really good lesson until we someone brought up birth control and things kind of went their own ways. In the end we wrangled it back and explained how it was a decision between husband, wife and God. So it ended pretty well. 

Monday, we had interviews with president. Interviews are always an awesome time for a zone. We all get trained by president as well as his wife and his assistants. We got taught a new way to teach tithes and offerings. It’s such an awesome lesson and it really helps them feel the spirit and understand why it is so important and the blessings that come as we are obedient. It’s kind of funny that now I cant wait to teach that lesson. Sometimes as missionaries, it’s the last lesson we teach and it’s a little touchy. But this new way to teach it is going to help a lot with that. 

Today was fun! We went out to go visit these Japanese Gardens here in Montevideo and then go to a museum. I wore my Brazil jersey today and this Brazilian couple came up to me and started speaking Portuguese and stuff. After a while, they knew that I wasn’t from Brazil, I wonder how they found that out....but we still had a great conversation. I am happy that we are teaching a Brazilian lady right now so I can speak a little bit of Portuguese. They asked us what we were doing down here and everything. It was a cool contact. The gardens were cool too. I took some cool pictures. We will send them to you. 

This week we had an interesting experience. We had to go over to another zone here in Montevideo and we didn’t have a car so we were trying to flag down a taxi. This empty taxi was driving down the road, as soon as he saw us trying to wave him down, he turns off his free light and shakes his finger at us and then keeps driving and turns on his light again. We just kinda laughed it off. We don’t normally get discriminated like that so it was a good laugh but then we just flagged down the next taxi. I got in the front seat and started talking to the taxi driver and asked him about his family and how work was and everything and then we ended up on religion....;) he talked about how he used to take lessons from the missionaries and how now he just started dating a Mormon girl and he just started talking to them again. We started talking about why he was talking to them again and how he was feeling to start over with them. He said that he was really happy to be learning about the church and it felt good. It was a short 10 minute drive but he was left with a little more animo, a pass along card, phone number, and the testimony of two missionaries. The Lord provides. 

Right now we are working with the family of Fernando. He is a hard worker, rides his bike an hour each morning to go to work in the home of a family and then an hour back each night. He comes from a family of strong religious beliefs in another church and he really wants to be certain of what is right. His wife is a great support to him. They had gone to the church several times before and now they are working their way back. We will keep you posted. 

We are still working with our investigator Bruno and his mom to try to reactivate her and get a solid example going for him. It’s a work in progress :)

Well that’s all the time i have for this week. Its crazy how time just sneaks up on you that fast. I am going to attach some pictures and get off. I love you guys! Have a great week! 

Try a little harder to be a little bit better! 

Con cariƱo, 
Elder Staffieri

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