Friday, August 1, 2014

July 21, 2014

This past week has been incredible! We are working a ful in our area and being blessed abundantly. 

This past Tuesday, we had a great district / zone meeting. We reflected on the interviews and capacitation we had with president and his call unto repentance. So in district meeting, we talked about repentance and the doctrine of repentance for us as missionaries and for those we teach. I shared some experiences that Elder Vasquez y yo tuvimos that changed my mission and challenged them all to do the same. The Spirit was there and it was just awesome! Then after wards, we had a humbling zone meeting. We all did a rendicion de cuentas in front of the whole zone companionship by companionship in the stake center on a giant projector after the worst week Artigas has had as a zone. It was awesome. We all took responsibility of what happened in our areas the last week and took it upon ourselves to improve. AND THIS PAST WEEK!!! oh did we improve!! And the district too! wwwwwwooooowwww. It was incredible. I think I had one of the happiest moments as a district leader in my mission so far! Seeing the progress of all the companionships in my district and all their desires to get even better!!aaaahh! Nothing could be better. So we are all way pumped to give even more. 

After the changes we made last weekend, we have noticed a huge difference in our area. We have been working with more members, finding a whole lot more (found a new family of 6 this past week!!! :) ), our ward is a lot more animated, our companionship has been strengthened, the spirit is here more, etc. it’s just been going off in our area! 

This past week we had a choque de fuerza with our ward too! This is when we all meet up at the church as a ward and go out to visit menos activos and knock doors and stuff! I went out with the bishop and second councilor. It was awesome. We went and visited an old bishop who had gone inactive, and a 3 other inactive families. We had a really great experience Saturday night and then on Sunday, we saw the results! A full chapel! aaahhhhh!! I haven’t seen our ward that full in over 5 months! It was truly amazing! All the members are so excited now to get out and work! 

Also, a first on my mission, I played the piano in sacrament meeting. After what I thought was 5 years of piano lessons without learning anything except up on the housetop turned out to be false. Over the course of my mission, I have been teaching myself how to play again little by little. haha. And now I can play. Well mas o menos. I know how to read music and this past week I was practicing and I played in sacrament meeting. It was pretty fun. The ward appreciated it. So thank you mom for taking me all the way to Rancho Bernardo every week to take lessons when I was 7 years old. I am now seeing the results at 20 hahaha. 

Well sorry! That is all the time I have for this week! I love you all so much ! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers! 

Let’s all try a little bit harder to be a little bit better this week! 

Pray for oportunidades to share your testimony! 

UN abrazo grande, 

Elder  Staffieri

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