Thursday, October 16, 2014

October 06, 2014


First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BRYCE!!!! WWWWHHHHHOOOOOOOOPPP WHOOP!! I am so pumped for you man! 13 years old! You are getting soo huge!! Stop growing so fast!! You can’t be taller than me when I get home!! hahah. I hope that you had the best birthday ever! I love and miss you so much! 

This week was so great!! We have seen so many miracles! Starting with Joaquin!!! We went out with the stake president this past week, Pte Damiano, to make some visits. The first stop, Joaquin. We got there, he pulled out his Book of Mormon and was so stoked to start the lesson. As we started in, we shared with us that he had started over reading, but was already in 1 Nefi 20 for the second time!!! He showed us how he was using the Guide to the Scriptures in the back to know what words meant and to be able to understand (he explained to us the significance of Israel and Mana....wwwhhhaaatttt a stud!!!), he gave us a resume of what he read and learned and what he felt. He told us that he accepted the Book of Mormon as the Word of God!!! Ah it was so awesome. We shared a message in Alma 37 with him and he totally started going off on what the liahona was and how Lehi had found it and stuff, we were blown away!!! Then we taught a little bit about the doctrine of Christ and what he needed to do to follow it, and he is going to ask his wife to marry him to start their family and to follow Christ!!! Such a stud!!! I love that family!!! Then we went over to an ex bishops house with the stake president and it went so awesome!! We talked about the Doctrine of Christ and the stake president was teaching and testifying with us! Such a great lesson and the ex bishop committed to come back to renew his covenants!!! :) LA OBRA VA BUENAZO!!!!

Conference was so great! We loved every minute of it!!! (Even the 3 hours of priesthood session because every 5 minutes we had to wait for it to load ha-ha). I wish I had my notebook so I can give you a solid breakdown on everything I loved but that will be for next week. But on Saturday night after conference, we decided to go out and visit diva, who lives super far away, and in the middle of walking out there, it started pouring rain and we were in our suits. We had another fbi / missionary moment of sprinting 10 blocks in the pouring rain in our suits. It was a blast. We got their soaked to the bone but happy as can be. We taught about finding a testimony of Joseph Smith and diva and her family shared their feelings about him. It was awesome. 

After the lesson, pte smith called us and let us know that I will be leaving Paysand├║ and be opening up Argentina!!! Whoop whoop!!! My new companion will be elder Gonzalez de Chile. Elder Hansen and Elder Blair are going over to open up Concepcion de Uruguay with us!! Man it’s going to be such a blast!!! There is so much work to be done over there. 

Alright, I have to run! I love you all so much! Try to receive your own personal revelation every day! 

Let’s all try a little bit harder to be a little bit better!!

Un abrazo grande, 
Elder Staffieri

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