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September 29, 2014


¡¡¡¡Feliz cumpleaños mama!!! ¡¡¡TE AMO!!! I hope that you are going to have the best...36th birthday ever ;) sorry that this is a day early and I cant wish you one tomorrow but I will be thinking about you and wishing you the best! CORINNE AND BRYCE: do all the dishes, clean the whole house, do all your homework, and pórtense bien! 

This week has been so awesome! But I am sooo short on time. Man how time flies when you are in the cyber! hahaha. 

On Tuesday, I think I had one of the best district meetings in my entire mission! My district leader is Elder Pabon from Columbia and he taught sssuuuccchhhhhh a great lesson on the Doctrine of Christ!! I learned soo much and came with such an excitement to do so much better during my studies! He is such a stud! Taught the entire meeting from the scriptures sharing all that he had learned and how he is applying it in his daily teaching and helping us all to do the same! Such a stud!! 

On Jueves, we went down to concilio! IT WAS SO AWESOME!!!! We learned so much about the importance of studies and especially companionship study and how to make it so much better! we also talked a ton about family history and how we are all going to start to do family history and teach it to everyone and in December, the whole mission is going to go down to Montevideo to do the temple work for our ancestors! :) wwwhhhooopp whhhoooppp!! Blessings!!! we all filled out the booklets that the church gives out about family history where we start everything and write all the memories of our parents, siblings, and grandparents, etc. I was so overcome with such a gratitude for the amazing family with whom I have been blessed! Seriously! I was so grateful for the amazing parents I have and for their examples and for the best grandparents I could ever ask for and for all the things I have learned and all the love I have for my brothers and sisters. It was so awesome! Everyone needs to start their family history if you have not already done so! It is something soo special! 

This week we have been working a lot better with members. We are fully convinced that there is no other way to do missionary work. Pte Monson has said that ahora es el momento to work together with the members and missionaries and that means that we need to do it! We are seeing miracles in our area because of it! Diva, who we have been teaching for the past change who never came to church, came this past week because we were being more diligent in bringing over different members to fellowship. And that was another thing that was so great that happened this past week! DIVA FINALLY CAME TO CHURCH!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!! It was so awesome! She loved it! And she said that she is coming to both Saturday and Sunday sessions of general conference and she is going to bring her family too!! :) Aaaahh!!! Blessings!!! I love the mission! 

Other miracle that happened in the mission is that the church attendance from this past week was 5149!!!! That is unheard of for the mission! The wards and branches are getting stronger and stronger! There is real growth!! The church is being strengthened here in Uruguay!!!! The members are starting to catch fire! I can testify that I know that today is the day that the Lord is hastening His work!!! You can feel it all around!!! Its incredible!!! We are so blessed to be part of it! 

And also, pte smith told us that we might be headed over to Argentina to open it up!!! Whoop whoop! That would be so incredible! But we will know for sure by next week! 

And GENERAL CONFERENCE HAS ARRIVED!!!! YYYEESSSSS!!!! We are soooo excited!!! I cant believe that this is already my 4th conference of the mission! I hope that everyone is making plans to be in every session of conference! Its going to change your life! :) lleetttsssss gget it! 

A testimony I have gained this past week that I want to share with you is about working with the members. The purpose of this dispensation is the Work of Salvation!! This is the last time that the Lord is hastening his work! Its here! Can you feel it?!! I feel it every day and the members here in Uruguay are now starting to feel it! The members here in the Uruguay Montevideo west mission left to work with the missionaries 1190 hours this past week and as a mission, everything is looking up! there are more people coming to church for the first time, there are more people coming back to church to renew their covenants after years of inactivity, there are more people progressing towards eternal happiness!!! It’s so electric!! I have never felt anything like this before!! And it’s all because the members are going out to work with the missionaries!! I know that there is no other way to do the work! I invite you all to follow the direction of the prophet, just give it a try, and go out with the full time missionaries in your ward. Just go up and ask them what day you can go out with them! You will see miracles!!! 

Well that’s all I have time for this past week! I love you all so much! Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers!!!

Lets all try a little bit harder to be a little bit better this week!!!

UN abrazo grande, 

Elder Staffieri

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