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September 22, 2014


This week has been soo awesome!! So much is happening!! It is so great to be on the front lines as the Lord is hastening His work! We are seeing it more and more every single day! 

Well the big news is that the Mission Uruguay Montevideo West has officially been expanded into Argentina!!! We took in two cities from the Rosario Mission. We took in Colon y Concepción de Uruguay. They are two strong branches! The city of Concepción has 80,000 people living there and only 2 elders!! So there is a lot of work to do in that city. We are so pumped to get the chance to go out there and work! In two weeks, our missionaries will be over there. This past week we went into Argentina 3 days. We went twice with Pte Smith to make some visits and talk to leaders, and then this Sunday with the stake presidency of Paysandú because they invited us to accompany them! Wow! We have seen such great things in Argentina already! We taught a family in Colon (flia castro) with Pte Smith and the branch president, Pte. Godoy, and they all committed to come back to church for the rest of their lives, accept callings, pay full tithing, and prepare to seal themselves in the temple in one year! Aaaahh!! It was so great! We are in contact with Pte Godoy and he tells us that they are attending even the meetings during the week not just Sundays!! :) There is so much potential in Argentina and we are so excited to have the chance to see the progress as these cities will be part of Paysandú! 

This past week we also had interviews with Pte Smith. They went great and we learned so much as usual. Elder Sifuentes and I had the chance to lead the study the Doctrine of Christ with the whole zone during interviews. We all learned so much and practiced how to teach it more effectively. 

Fun experience of the week. We got dropped off on the ruta in our suits like an hour and a little more away form Paysandú and had to walk back a few hours to our area because no buses passed. hahaha. We had a blast. We took some pictures and same some hymns as we walked. Then de repente, we walked passed these two gauchos (guayan cowboys) and they start yelling at us! We stopped and walked over to them and they were like "you guys aren’t from here huh?" we responded no and then he goes "well are you hungry? Want some asado?" hahaha. We gratefully accepted! So there we were on the side of the ruta in the middle of no where eating steak with two barefoot cowboys on a Thursday afternoon. Haha. We had a great talk over lunch and we will be visiting them here in the near future when we find the time to go way out there. 

We found some really great people to teach this past week. We were walking one day and then we just looked at each other and talked about how we needed to break our "routine" and branch out more. We took the next street we normally don’t walk down and contact the first house we see. A lady comes out and we talk to her for like 30 seconds in front of her house, and she invites us in!  We had a great lesson and set up to come back the next day. Well she wasn’t there because she went to the doctor but her 19 year old son was and he invited us to come and share the message with him! He loved it! I think this was one of those lessons when it just hit me of how grateful I am for the restoration of the gospel! We saw how happy it made him and how excited he got to pray. At the end of the lesson, HE ASKED US IF HE COULD PRAY DE RODILLAS!!! That never happens!!!! Aaaahh!! His name is Luis! He will be a future priesthood holder and missionary ;) 

Spiritual though of the week: 

Dyc 82:10 dice: I, the Lord, am bound when you do what i say; but when ye do not what I say, ye have no promise.

I have learned this past week that the blessing is really in the promise! We don’t know when we will receive the Lords blessings, today, tomorrow, next month, next year, or even in the next life. but its really not that important! We have the Lords promise!! The promise comes immediately. 

Other cool study I had this week. How many times does the word "tomorrow" appear in the book of mormon? Once! Who uses it? Satan! Eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die (I think that’s how it goes in english) 2 nefi 28:7 . The Lord never talks about tomorrow! NEVER!! He always speaks of HOY!!! TODAY!!! Today is so important. What are we doing with today? Are we being obedient? Are we serving? Sharing the gospel? Living up to our full potential? Magnifying our priesthood? The only day we really know we have is today! There is no guarantee that we will have tomorrow! Satan always wants us to think that we have more time but the reality is we don’t! If we think we will just be better tomorrow and not do anything today, Satan has won and we have lost! Alma 34:31-34! We talked a lot this week with our investigators and menos activos and even miembros activos about the importantce of today! It has helped me so much to improve and give even more of myself. What are you doing to do today? What more can we do? This study was so small but it marked my mission!

Okay this was all the time I have for today! I love you all so much! Thank you for all of your prayers! They are truly felt out here! 

Lets all try a little bit harder to be a little bit better! 

UN abrazo grande, 

Elder Staffieri

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